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Monday, February 19, 2007

An appeal to our lawyers

For the last few days, our law enforcing agencies have been unearthing huge warehouses, one after another, filled with adulterated and poisonous food grains, baby food and edible oils, and factories manufacturing spurious drugs, fertilisers, insecticides etc. The importers, the owners and the manufacturers of these poisonous items are, no doubt, enemies of the nation. It is not necessary to explain how these anti-state elements have been killing our innocent people, including our family members and babies, by marketing these items under the direct patronisation of their corrupt political masters. It is expected that soon charge-sheets will be framed against them and they will be put on trial in the courts of law. These criminals need to be given exemplary punishment for the crimes they have been committing against the humanity, and to deter others from doing so. I would like to appeal to our learned and patriotic lawyers not to appear in the courts to defend these adulterators of food items and the manufacturers of spurious drugs, fertilisers and insecticides. We know, these criminals are all very powerful people in the society and have lots of black money. They have the money to employ the best lawyers by paying them the highest fees. But before you stand for them please ask your conscience, should you sell yourselves to money? In the recent past, you as a community earned great appreciation of the whole nation when you very rightly refused to appear before the court to defend the JMB leaders and activists, as the whole nation wanted those criminals to be punished. I am sure you will not fail the nation this time too. I request the interim government of Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed to constitute special speedy tribunals to deal with these elements as soon as possible. Otherwise, I am sure once a political government comes to power these criminals will manage to go unscathed, as we saw in the past, by manipulating the politicians.


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