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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sending CEC and EC on leave

CEC Justice MA Aziz has been sent on involuntary leave, as he is not acceptable to one of the two major feuding political alliances. This evening (04 December) one of the advisers to the caretaker government (CG), during a press briefing, hinted that two more ECs may be sent on involuntary leave for the same reason. These gentlemen, CEC and ECs, will be on leave when the Election Commission will be carrying out the most important of its functions, that is, holding of the next parliamentary election. From purely legal point of view there is nothing wrong with these gentlemen being on leave. But from moral point of view will these gentlemen be dong justice to the poor taxpayers of our country by drawing the salary and availing of other privileges, like government accommodation, telephone, personal staff etc for the period during which they will be on leave? Certainly not. It is most unfortunate that governments, one after another, including the current CG, have been appointing persons with so poor scruples and moral strength to these appointments for which scruples and moral strength are the primary qualifications. These are the people who are continually creating political problems for the nation. Why can’t they resign and leave the nation alone?


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