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Monday, February 19, 2007

Finally ACC is ready to get cleansed

Thank god, the three unwise old men have finally left the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) [two of them have already resigned and remaining one will tender his resignation any day]. They had to be told, point blank, by no less a person than the president himself to leave the job. And the president, we suppose, had to be advised by the interim government to do that. The outgoing chairman of the ACC, while talking to the media, insisted that he and his colleagues did not fail. The government of Khaleda Zia did not let them to function by not making necessary laws and rules. If that is true, then why didn’t they resign? Prof Muniruzzaman Miah, one of the members, during his interview with BBC in the evening of 6 February, answered that question. He said that it was not correct that the people of the country were asking for their resignation. They never heard of it! It was only after the Election Commission members resigned some people raised the issue of their resignation. How deaf and blind these gentlemen were! Prof Miah said that there were good reasons for them not to resign. He further added that it was not always possible to make such reasons public. Persons with such poor moral courage, in the first place, should not have been appointed to an organisation like the ACC (and EC) where one was supposed to work independently without any fear or favour. It is no use blaming these intellectual hirelings. The blame squarely lies on their masters who appointed them. Will these masters ever be asked why they did so against the interest of the nation? We thank the present interim government for showing Justice Sultan and his colleagues the door. At the same time we hope that the interim government will take due care to appoint the right kind of people in the ACC.


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