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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The lawlessness at the highest

The whole nation was dumbfounded with shock and shame when on November 30 it found some of our very senior and learned lawyers conducting themselves in a way most unbecoming of a lawyer. Their acts of orgiastic violence will definitely put the street goons to shame. It is beyond one’s imagination that the lawyers, that too of the highest court of the country, can take law into their own hands inside the courtroom of the Chief Justice (CJ) of the country. If the order of the CJ, against which they protested, was illegal, I am sure there were provisions in law to file an appeal against that. If it was a lawful order, they only spat on their own face by behaving like that. By the by, are these lawyers above the law? If not, then why are they not being charged with contempt of court? Is that charge applicable to non-lawyers only?


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