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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Politicians must mend their ways

Politicians in our country have, by their individual and collective deeds and conducts, have made themselves so much unacceptable to the common people that the latter have already started looking at the former as anti-social elements. Ordinary people generally avoid social interactions with the politicians. They do not want to rent out their houses to politicians. Even I have heard many people saying that they would not like to have matrimonial relationship with politicians. If the trend continues like this soon people will use the word ‘politician’ as an abuse, as very well meaning words like ‘razakar’ and ‘mastaan’ are these days used as abuses. Thanks to the electronic and print media, politicians can no more hide their misdeeds from the people.

If the politicians continue to disappoint the people, as they are doing now, a political tsunami will soon come in wave after wave to drown them. They will not have time to run away with their lives. New leaders will come up from nowhere, as it happened locally in Kansat recently, to take care of national politics. Politicians would do better if they remember that no one is indispensable in this world.

It is high time the politicians as a class mend their ways for their own survival.


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