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Sunday, November 26, 2006

In the name of people

A politician in our country does everything and says every word in the name of the people. Even leaders of the political party which was always rejected by the people in every national election, and could never win a seat in the parliament do so in the name of the people. Politicians appoint partisan persons with questionable ability and integrity as judges of the High Court, and chairmen and members of the election commission, public service commission, anti-corruption commission, university grants commission and other similar organisations. Corrupt officers are appointed as secretaries and heads of autonomous organisations. Street agitations are organised to burn/break public and private vehicles and establishments, and, worst of all, to kill people on the streets. Politicians do not allow the local governments to be elected. They take bribes from contractors and suppliers. All this and many other anti-people activities are done in the name of the people.

As one of the people, I would like to covey to our politicians with all the emphasis at my command that I hate all these activities of yours. This is not democracy. Don’t take us as fools. We shall react when the time comes.


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