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Friday, October 23, 2009

Quota for war heroes’ children

It is reported (DS October 18) that the government is taking an initiative to grant 30 per cent quota to the children of our war heroes in the ensuing selection of assistant judges. I would request the government to give a second thought to the idea. A judge must possess a very high level of IQ, profound knowledge and integrity. A war hero’s son or daughter may not necessarily have those qualities of head and heart and may not qualify in the selection tests. There is nothing wrong in that. Everybody is not cut for everything. If one does not qualify in the tests for the selection of judges one may try to do something elsewhere where s/he might excel. If a wrong candidate who does not have the required intellectual ability, knowledge and integrity is appointed as a judge s/he will be failing to apply her/his judicial mind correctly. People who will be going to such a judge for justice will be deprived of justice. People will suffer in the hands of such an incompetent judge for about 30 years or so till s/he retires. Merit and competence should be the only criteria while selecting candidates for posts like those of judges, and nothing else. It is said that as shadows of God judges dispense justice on His behalf. People who will deliberately select wrong kind of people as judges will surely be held responsible by God on the Great Day of Judgment. That is what we all believers believe in.

Our war heroes are the greatest sons and daughters of our country. Their children deserve our highest consideration. They must be looked after by the state. Everything possible must be done to ameliorate their hardships. But nothing should be done, which ultimately goes against the interest of the people of the country. They may be given free education in educational institutions run by the government; they may be given free medical treatment in all government hospitals, the deserving ones may be given ration at subsidized rates, they may be given bank loans on very soft terms to do business; they may be given government khas land for farming; or they may be given priority in appointment in such jobs which are not as sensitive as that of a judge.


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