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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seasonal anger!

Due to heavy downpour almost the whole of the city of Dhaka was inundated on July 28, 2009. Life came to a standstill. Miseries befell on millions of the city dwellers. Prime Minister Shekh Hasina, like all her former CEOs of Bangladesh, lost her patience and summoned all the ministers and bosses of the concerned departments and organizations to her office to give them a bit of her mind. It all came in the media next day. We, the ordinary citizens of Dhaka, felt satisfied that the matter has been noted by the Prime Minister. Like every time in the past, this time too, our hopes will run high. But shall we be disappointed again like it happened umpteen times in the past ? Shall the govt take stern actions this time against those land grabbers, corrupt bureaucrats and insincere politicians who make a natural disaster more disastrous by human machinations? Or, shall we have to wait for the next year when the Prime Minister will again show her anger and displeasure to her ministers and officers on the same issue ? Only the Prime Minister can answer this question.


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