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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We salute our youngsters!

While most of our politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen are busy in making money by corrupt means and tarnishing our national image, our youngsters are fetching name and fame from all corners of the world for our dear motherland. The youngsters, very young ones, recently won a bronze medal in an international Mathematics Olympiad. Our young mountaineers climbed on the top of one of the highest peaks of the Himalaya. Our under 19 cricketers defeated their English counterparts on the English soil. Our national cricket team, for the first time in our cricket history, won a test series and an ODI series by defeating the West Indies team on their own soil.
While their counterparts in so called student politics are taking lessons in corruption and violence from their political gurus, these young boys and girls are really striving hard to excel in every field of nation building.
At the twilight of my life, I am already 65, I surely feel inspired by such wonderful achievements earned by our young boys and girls. I pray to Allah to grant me a longer life so that I can see more of their achievements before my death. I call upon my countrymen to join me in saluting our youngsters. May Allah bless them all!


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