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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Let’s have two medical universities instead of one !

The Jatyiotabadi doctors of BSMMU who are members of DAB (Doctors’ Association of Bangladesh, an outfit of BNP) came out on 05 October, 2008 in full strength to oppose the newly appointed VC, two Pro VCs and the Treasurer alleging that the newly appointed ones belong to the Awami doctors’ organization called SCP (Swadhinata Chikitshak Parishid, an outfit of Awami League). The doctors in Bangladesh, like all other members of the learned professions like engineers, agriculturists, lawyers, teachers, journalists etc, are so highly politicized that they can never look beyond their political nose. They always smell something foul whenever someone not belonging to their own camp is appointed to a senior or important post. A highly educated person, in whatever profession s/he might be, and notwithstanding his/her personal political belief, is expected to be a highly conscientious person. S/he is expected to discharge her/his professional duties with utmost professionalism, honesty and patriotism. But unfortunately in Bangladesh we find just the opposite with most of our professionals, as we now find with the doctors of BSMMU. We never heard the Jatyiotabadi doctors of BSMMU protesting against the irregularities (in the appointment of teaching and administrative staff), corruption (in making purchases of equipment and stores) and crimes (by issuing fake medical certificates to their political masters) committed by the removed officials. What a shame !
Our present political leaders are partly responsible for making our professionals, many of whom proudly identify themselves as the members of our civil society, corrupt in deeds, thoughts and words. But the main onus of responsibility lies on the professionals themselves, individually and collectively. For gaining undue favors they should not have allowed themselves to be pawns in the hands of irresponsible and corrupt politicians. Their higher level of conscience should have restrained them from doing so.
Dear professionals, still we have reasons to believe that the great majority of you, specially the younger ones, have not yet become corrupt under the leadership of your corrupt and oppurtunist seniors. You can still rise against the corrupt seniors who are using you as tools under the banners like DAB, SCP, White or Blue Panels (in DU) etc. The poor people of Bangaldesh with their hard earned tax money have been running the higher seats of education with the hope that you will change the face of this nation. Please think of these helpless poor people and refrain yourselves from doing anything which is unbecoming of a professional.
Otherwise, one day we shall have to set up two medical universities, one for the Jatyiotabadi doctors and the other for the Awami doctors.


  • Very right on having two medical universities; this will allow army, the voracious eater of tax payers' money, to build Army Medical University!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:37 AM  

  • Idea of two medical universities, the author’s idea is surely sarcastic here. But it is true that armed forces in Bangladesh may not need own medical university rather keep recruiting MBBS graduates from public medical colleges.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:05 PM  

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