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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Train on the right track?

I tend to agree with the analysis of the current political situation made by Mr. Husain Imam (DS August 28, 2008). He has correctly catalogued the successes and failures of the present caretaker government (CTG) of Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed. Mr. Imam is very right when he says, “The bandits, we say godfathers, who were put in jail (more appropriately in quarantine camp) or kept on the run on charges of wanton corruption, violence, loot, extortion and abuse of state power, now seem to be flexing their muscles to stage a comeback with garlands around their necks and making V-sign with their fingers, thanks to the handling, or should we say mishandling, of the cases.” According to the much talked about roadmap the primary objective of the present government is to hold the national parliamentary election by December, 2008 and hand over power to a team of honest and efficient political leaders from whichever party they may be. Mr. Imam has not come out with any suggestion for the government to achieve this mission in an unhindered way. The lady and the gentlemen who are running the CTG are all known for their honesty, efficiency and professionalism. But none of them is a politician. They are likely to err when handling political matters. It seems all politicians have now openly united to form a united front to discredit these distinguished persons. It would not be fair to criticise these advisers and special assistants without telling them what was, or will be, the right political course for them to follow. In his write up Mr. Imam did not mention what the CTG could/can do to avoid the present political fiasco. Only telling them, “Hand over power to politicians here and now” is not a responsible way of talking. Mr. Imam has further mentioned, “--- they (people) have begun to believe that running the affairs of a country is not the task of an un-elected non-political government. They have begun to think that the earlier the caretaker government holds national election and hands over power to a truly representative elected government, the better .” There cannot be any disagreement on this point. No member of the present CTG has, to the best of our knowledge, ever claimed that running the affairs of a country is the task of an un-elected non-political government. They also believe that the best course open to them is to hand over power “to a truly representative elected government” within the declared time frame. Would Mr. Imam suggest how the CTG could hand over power to a truly representative elected government and not to the “bandits”, as it was before one eleven?


  • This is a highly politicized write up which is full of false untrue statements, and is disrespectful not only to the courts of law in Bangladesh, but also to the people of the land!

    Let it be written here that it was Moinuddin, accompanied by a few fellow generals and subordinates, who overtook the power at gunpoint from the president in military coup of 11th of January in 2007; if that’s not the act of a bandit, then I am not sure what is.

    Let it be clear to all that the perception of the righteousness of an un-elected non-political government to run the affairs of a country is nothing but Goebbels propaganda!

    When the courts are now handing out bails (on legal grounds) to the arrested persons (most without any charge and out of sheer whim of the military), the brigadier is now accusing mishandling of the cases!

    When the army can’t handle a few charges that they themselves brought in, can’t make sensible cases of them, how does the brigadier expect to run the affairs of the country?
    What a senile logic!

    The brigadier asks how the army would handover power to a truly representative elected government.

    This simple question isn’t simple at all.
    There are different parts of this question.
    (1) The military (aka Chair Taker) Govt is to handover power, as if they inherited it from their fathers!
    (2) There should be an election, through which we would a truly representative government; only the truth is this representation has to be what the brigadier (aka, military) wants, or else it will not be either representative, or true (or a combination of both). This is not whom the people will vote into power, rather it’s whom the military wants.
    (3) According to the brigadier, the governments before the January 2007 were not truly representative; which means he himself served the untruly and non-representative administrators for decades!

    Brigadier, get yourself, along with your masters, out of the public’s way, let elections happen fairly, as we had in 1991, 1996 & 2001; bow to the people’s verdict, and instead of preaching senile concepts, accept the true meaning of democracy.

    Enough of your living on free rations on taxpayers’ expenses; it’s about time you & your kind start serving the country.
    This is the only way for your soul to rest in the grave.


    By Anonymous Syed Abul Zaman, At 10:02 AM  

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