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Monday, May 19, 2008

A dubious practice

Some men and women earn greatness during their lifetime by making outstanding contribution to their own nation, or to the world civilization. As a mark of respect and gratitude to these great persons and to glorify their contribution, institutions and establishments are generally named after them after they die. This is also done to inspire the members of the younger generation to follow the footsteps of these great souls. But in Bangladesh we just see an opposite trend. Here some people in authority, especially the politicians, who are mostly corrupt, are in a great hurry to immortalize themselves while they are still alive! They don't want to wait till their death when people could evaluate their contribution and, if felt necessary, could decide to name some institution(s) after them. In the last three decades, we saw a mad rush by the corrupt political leaders of our country to name educational institutions, students' halls of residence, hospitals and other welfare institutions after their own names. In almost all such cases these persons did not spend money from their own pockets to establish these institutions. They all did it either by managing the required money out of the public exchequer, or by indulging in extortion from the general public, by exercising their political power. All this is being done in very bad taste, to say the least.


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